sabyasachi Moulik


  • Masters:

    Computer Systems Engineering with Management from King’s College London, UK with a Pass with merit degree.

  • Bachelors:

    Electronics & Communication Engineering with 8.13 cgpa from Lingaya’s University, Delhi-NCR

  • Certifications:

    Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate (Coursera 2023; 7 sub courses), Google UX Design Professional Certificate (6 months; ongoing) , Google Sheets Masterclass (Udemy 2021), Communicating with Confidence ( LinkedIn, 2021)

  • Awards & Membership:

    King’s Entrepreneurship Award 2017: Awarded for continual contribution to entrepreneurial engagement activities at university.

    Outstanding Achievement Certificate at Trinity College, Robotics Contest, Connecticut, USA 2013 

    Member: GLG Council Member

Hello! My name is Sabyasachi Moulik, and I’m thrilled to share my journey with you. I consider myself as a highly curious, passionate, creative and cross-functional individual who enjoys working at the intersection of business, technology & design. I love the field of brand management & experimenting with new ideas. I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering with Management from King’s College London (Top 25 World University QS Rankings 2018). 

Throughout my young career, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to dive deep into the world of comprehensive brand strategy and planning mostly with the startup ecosystem. As a matter of fact, my master’s dissertation research was also based on the startup world – “Research on Management in Transforming an Entrepreneurial Idea into Reality”.

I love exploring various aspects related to brand building, from brand positioning to digital marketing, e-commerce, overall brand management and my favourite on crafting design (UX/CX). One of my proudest achievements has been conceptualizing and launching my own digital artisanal brand – The Connoisseur. By blending technology and design, I’ve been able to create a movement around fine art and art-inspired objects. Art was an industry that was still heavily dependent on offline mediums and there was a huge gap in the market which ‘The Connoisseur’ brand planned to fill in. Apart from the market opportunities, what truly inspires me is fostering artist communities and educating audiences, resulting in a unique aesthetic language within the avant-garde. You will find amazing articles on topics related, to art, fashion, decor and lifestyle in the brands’ editorial section.

Being a self-starter, I’ve taken charge of overseeing overall operations, online campaigns, and the direction of family-owned firms. Building platforms from scratch is my forte, where I apply my expertise in user experience and user interface design to create unforgettable e-commerce and luxury experiences. I’ve successfully implemented integrations, optimized customer experiences, and achieved remarkable growth in site traffic through strategic SEO and SEM techniques Ex. Recently we launched a new category in ‘fashion art’ and in just a month of launch, we were ranking in the top 5 of Google for 0.5 million Google searches a month keyword (all through organic).

Project and event management have always been my strengths. I take immense pleasure in planning and executing branding initiatives, ensuring timely and cost-effective project delivery. I put my complete energy when delivering a project. Moreover, I utilize my skills in market research to gather invaluable insights and conduct thorough analyses from secondary and primary sources. By making data-driven decisions, I’ve been able to develop comprehensive brand strategies that resonate with audiences.

My passion for continuous learning has led me to acquire various certifications in digital marketing, e-commerce, UX design, and communication. I’m well-versed in industry-standard tools and platforms such as Google Sheets, CMS platforms (WordPress, Wix, and Shopify), CRM (HubSpot), affiliate marketing (Goaffpro), email marketing (Brevo), social media platforms (Linkedin, instagram & facebook) and paid ads platforms (google, microsoft & linkedin ads).

Beyond my professional accomplishments, I actively seek opportunities to make a difference. I founded a not-for-profit initiative (an extension to my master’s research) focused on entrepreneurial idea discovery and validation, where I aimed to nurture innovative ideas. Additionally during my student days itself, I’ve embraced leadership roles as a student course representative during my time at King’s and also as the founder and team leader of a student team participating in global contests during my bachelor’s time.

Looking ahead, I’m excited to embark on a career as an independent brand consultant and shape a path for other businesses through data driven insights & with my experiences both during successes and failures. I strongly believe that my skills in brand strategy, eye for design, digital marketing, management, target audience & market research will enable me to make a meaningful impact on your venture. My objective is to help corporations and startups in areas of brand management & enhance their brand presence and drive business.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my experiences. I’m thrilled about the opportunities that lie ahead, and I can’t wait to contribute my skills and expertise to make a difference in the world of branding. Please feel free to get in touch below.


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