Entrepreneur & BRand Consultant

Founding Director SMGH Group

Sabyasachi moulik (founding director SMGH Group)

Sabyasachi Moulik

Entrepreneur & Brand Consultant

Meet Him:

I am presently leading my endeavour within the framework of SMGH.

Based in central London and New Delhi, the SMGH Group is dedicated to building a consortium of brands focused on fostering innovative ventures, particularly in the premium and luxury sectors. Our goal is to own and oversee multiple brands across various industries including fine art, real estate, fashion, accessories, personal care, among others, with a strong emphasis on integrating technology into our operations.

Under the SMGH Group umbrella, Mansionia stands as a premium & luxury real estate platform.

Additionally, as the founder and Chief Brand Officer (CBO) of The Connoisseur, a digital artisanal brand, I am committed to seamlessly connecting individuals through technology and design. Our brand facilitates the exchange of exquisite art and art-inspired items in fashion and accessories while also supporting and educating our audience through engaging editorial content covering decor, fashion, art, and lifestyle.

Drawing from my academic background with a master’s degree in Engineering with Management from King’s College London, coupled with extensive experience in the local and global startup landscape, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the forefront. Whether you seek guidance in brand strategy, e-commerce, luxury, digital marketing, or user experience design (UX), I am well-equipped to provide valuable insights. Feel free to schedule a consultation today.

the connoisseur brand under SMGH founded by Sabysachi Moulik

The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur is a digital artisanal marketplace for fine art & art-inspired objects

mansionia brand under SMGH founded by Sabysachi Moulik


It is a premier destination for premium & luxury real estate in India and abroad.

Brand Consultation Service Areas

Comprehensive Brand Strategy & Design

As a brand consultant specializing in comprehensive brand strategy, I offer a range of services to create and enhance your brand’s perception and overall impact. From crafting compelling brand positioning to creating visually captivating identities, I can help you define your brand voice and develop persuasive pitch decks that effectively communicate your unique value proposition. With my expertise, I aim to elevate your brand’s presence and create a cohesive digital strategy that resonates with your target audience.

SEO, SEM & Content Marketing

 From managing paid, earned, and owned media channels to implementing effective SEO strategies, I can enhance your brand’s visibility & search engine rankings. Through strategic content marketing initiatives and targeted SEM campaigns, I aim to drive traffic and generate leads. Additionally, I provide expertise in managing paid ads on platforms like Google and LinkedIn, along with designing marketing funnel strategies and customer journey maps to maximize conversions (CRO) and customer engagement. With my services, I can help your brand thrive in the digital landscape.

Email Marketing

With expertise in crafting compelling email content, designing visually appealing templates, and implementing effective segmentation strategies, I can help you deliver personalized messages that resonate with your target audience. Additionally, I provide comprehensive email automation solutions to streamline your communication processes, reduce abandon carts  and nurture customer relationships. Trust me to enhance your email marketing efforts through newsletters, welcome emails, abandon cart emails etc and achieve impactful results for your brand.


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